Trek Precision Bike Fit at Stan’s Cycles

Trek Precision Fit by Stan’s Cycles


Mark was kindly invited to Stan’s Cycles – a Shrewsbury based bike shop – to experience a precision bike fit. Stan’s have recently installed a Trek Precision Fit bike jig made by Purely Custom which is used by Trek Factory Racing.

The process can take between 3-4 hours, it starts with an interview and a nice cup of coffee (well it wouldn’t be a bike shop without coffee). The interview enables Darren to learn about you, your requirements and also any limitations which may affect the bike fit – past injuries, flexibility, posture – to name just a few.

After this initial consultation, the next aim was to get the jig ready for the start of the fit. I chose not to take my bike or any measurements as I wanted to experience the fit from scratch. Taking my bike would have been a big influence on my own mind, thinking ‘that’s how I have my bike set up’. This way, I kept an open mind and was open to change. After some measurements, the jig was set and on I got. The great part for me was the feeling that I was sat on a bike with what we thought was the correct saddle for me, the correct width handle bars and the levers to which I ride (Shimano). These are all easily changed accordingly.

The jig is adjustable while riding so as the position is changed you can feel the effects on the body immediately. Being able to see the data (which is similar to that on the Wattbike console) I could tell if I was riding efficiently or losing power due to being too low, too stretched etc.

If you’re about to buy a new bike, Stan’s Cycles really is the place to start and they will help you make the right choices on the best bike for you.

For those with bikes already, having a bike fit would give you confidence that the bike your riding is set up correctly. You may walk away not needing to make any changes, others may need to have a different stem or different width handle bars.

Are you confident your bike is set up correctly?

“I really enjoyed this experience and have learnt a lot. I will use the information on my own bikes but I will also pass what I have learnt onto my clients within the Wattbike studio.

Thanks to Darren and the team at Stan’s!”


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