Body Blitz Finale – the 12 week reveal


The first MSF Body Blitz began on 4th October 2014. Eight participants signed up to the 12 week programme. All had different goals: weight loss for a wedding; tone up and weight management; building muscle; improving core stability and strength; getting fitter; understanding nutrition.

And so the journey began. The first session involved being weighed and measured – hips, thighs and waist. Then it was on to a fitness test. This was to be used to monitor cardio fitness and was repeated in sessions 6 and 12. The group then moved into the strength and conditioning studio and were introduced to a set of core stability exercises which they were to repeat at home several times a week. The exercises were simple to perfect and the intensity and adaptions were to be added throughout the programme as new exercises were learnt. Nutrition was discussed and all went away with a food diary sheet which was to be completed daily and handed in each week. They also went away with the challenge of giving up one thing they eat/drink regularly for the 12 week period.

Over the weeks, nutrition was discussed and monitored through analysing weekly food diaries. Initially the focus was on cutting down the sugars – processed foods etc. Having previously discussed the effects of too much sugar in our diets, the participants were each given a bag of sugar which visually demonstrated how much sugar was in a portion of their chosen foods from a particular day. Examples were a fruity ‘low fat’ yoghurt, energy bars, cereal bars, a days worth of tea with 1 sugar etc. All were particularly shocked at how much total sugars (including fruit sugars) there was in their diets. As a group, we discussed the alternatives and what we could have as healthy snacks without relying on fruits. We introduced healthier versions of flapjack recipes; gave snack ideas such as peanut butter and rice cakes or Greek yoghurt with honey and nuts and shared ideas and experiences amongst the group. Discussions then moved onto carbohydrates and fats – cutting down on refined carbs such as white rice, past and bread etc. Over the weeks, it was great to see the changes being put into practice, which highlighted that all participants were understanding their nutrition better.

As the exercises were becoming more challenging, so was the intensity. The group was learning about each exercise and the benefits it gave alongside learning how to complete them at the right intensity to see results e.g. number of reps, heavier weights, exercise adaptions etc. The cardio sessions – on the Wattbike and in Studio 2 – really started to push participants out of their comfort zone.

So as we came to the finale, it was time to see if the hard work and dedication had paid off. The final weigh-in was completed and measurements taken and recorded. The fitness test was carried out and the final strength and conditioning set was added at the end.

On compiling the data for each participant, it was clear that those who had remained consistent, determined and focused had achieved their desired results. The biggest loser was a 9kg weight loss (19.8lbs) with 6.5cm lost off the thighs. Most participants recorded weight loss (where desired) with a reduction in waist, hip and thigh measurements. Results and feedback will be emailed out to all as a record of their hard work and as motivation to keep on going with the lifestyle change that they have embarked on.

The key to their success was dedication, commitment and the support of their fellow participants. Amazing what you can achieve in 12 weeks. Great effort.



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