Mark Fenn is the lead trainer within MSF Fitness Ltd and has over 18 years of experience working and training within the fitness industry.

MSF Fitness began as a 1:1 Personal Training Studio and 18 months ago, moved into its current premises on Stafford Park, Telford.   As we head into 2015, Mark gives a summary of the last year through his eyes.

“The studio is hard to sum up because it’s like a landscape – it’s always changing and the only people that will ever understand this are those that pass through it.”


2014 has been an interesting year from both a working perspective and with training. My fell running is now non-existent but hopefully that will change in 2015. I aim to get out on the hills whenever I can. My cycling went better than expected on only 3hrs per week training (all on Wattbike). I managed a 23’ 10 mile TT and I went under the hour for a 25 mile TT. The 50 took 2hrs 03min and I completed the 100 in 4hrs 19min. At the back end of the season, I entered my first crit race of the year with the aim of finishing. In the end, I raced hard and did what I do best – disrupted the field and made them work. Then with 1 lap to go, I eased to the back to roll in, avoiding the carnage of the finish. Some find this bizarre but I don’t race to win. I race to take part and be in the race from the off, not just wait for 1 lap to go for it.

My average working week is 100hrs. For many people, that seems stupid but these people don’t know me very well! This is my job and my living. It’s what keeps a roof over my head, but it’s also more than a job. It’s my life (there’s a song in there somewhere!). Those that know me well will never question it. Those that question what I do, don’t know me.

My clients have all had a bumpy journey throughout 2014 but let’s face it, that’s fitness and the reason so many unfortunately give up. I feel that what makes me different is I don’t give up on any one. I support, encourage and understand their battle. The frustrating part of being an Instructor-Coach-Personal Trainer is getting clients to understand the importance of trusting the system they are using. There is no quick fix, it is a 24-7 / 85%/15% rule. Social media is great but at the same time, people easily get dragged in and jump from one fad to another, without research or commitment. That’s where I have to step in! I think it’s great when clients ask what I think because it shows they value my opinion. But at the same time, don’t ask me a question that you don’t want to know the truthful answer to!

All my clients have done well to achieve what they have achieved. For many, it’s about being consistent with their training and nutrition. For others, its rehab and improved health.  And for some, its performance based.


December saw the re-launch of the sports and social club which is based within MSF Fitness – EVOLVE.  This club is for all regular users of MSF Fitness, making it a social club as well as being a sports club which is affiliated to British Cycling, SCCA and CTT.  It offers something for everyone, from those who enter cycling races, triathlons and other events as part of EVOLVE to those who don’t cycle outside but enjoy running, walking and socialising with like-minded people.  Beginning in January, there will be a monthly social event for all Evolve members.


The studio doesn’t run itself and we want to keep it moving forward while maintaining the personal approach. MSF has expanded from having just the one studio where we held Wattbike classes, circuits and Personal Training. We took on the room next door, Studio 2. It’s bigger and we now have a great Personal Training and Group Exercise Studio, Consultation Room, Performance Centre area and Treatment Room.


We have teamed up with Borders Physio and Sports Injury Centre, and now offer physiotherapy, rehab and running screening. This is alongside Supple Fitness which offers sports massage and Pilates. The team is growing stronger and getting closer to being a studio which really does offer everything.

In December we added a second Wattbike Studio in Shrewsbury within Stan’s Cycles and this adds another link to our chain. This will be launched in January, making Telford our Headquarters.


We are also welcoming a nutrition and weight management company on board – Purition. This will be launching in the new year.


Delivering the high quality I expect is not easy and is often frustrating as I know what I want but don’t always have the knowledge or the skills to get it done! This has always been a battle for me, but while I feel this way, I know I’m still focused and determined to succeed.

I am very much looking forward to the challenges and the changes that 2015 will bring.


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