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Deciding to step into a gym can be a little daunting for some.

Not knowing what to expect, worrying that everyone will be so much fitter than you, not knowing anyone, wondering what to bring with you and even thinking you won’t get through a whole class without collapsing in a sweaty heap halfway through.

Well worry no more as MSF is a little more supportive than that! We like to foster an environment where everyone is respected and treated as individuals. Whether you are visiting simply for nutritional support, taking the first steps into fitness or you are a seasoned athlete – MSF offer the support and guidance to ensure you get what you want from your visit.

Even though we are a Pay As You Go fitness studio with no membership fees, our regular ‘members’ all get to know each other in the classes and have a great fun, social experience whilst getting fit! With plenty of support from the instructors and each other! The fun, social element is something which is very important to us having been members of large gym chains in the past and never got to know many people as everyone was wandering around with headphones in! During classes, support is always given to ensure you are getting the most from your session with us.

We make a point of trying to maintain a professional but friendly environment  where booking systems are in place which enable all those who attend to be given equal opportunity. We have several flexible payment options to suit everyone’s preference.

So if you were thinking of coming along but are still not sure, why not book in for a free 30min consultation.  It’s a great opportunity to see what we are able to offer.

And just to let someone else blow our trumpet, take a read of this Personal Training clients review to get a little idea of what we could do for you!

“MSF is a great place to be – no pressure but loads of support, together with Mark working through lots of conditioning and learning how to hit the off switch on negative thoughts when hurting, Mark is a great coach that allows you to grow whilst pushing you just enough to get the most out of the time you spend with him. Been working with him for 8 weeks now and it is now an essential part of my training. Currently focusing on a good base and have already seen the results with more power on the bike, more speed on the run and generally feeling more focused. Wish I’d found MSF earlier – give them a go, it’s a brilliant set up and a fantastic place to reach your potential”.

And the clients results speak for themselves:

“A solid PB at Market Drayton 10k this weekend by 5 minutes – the only extra I’ve added to my training regime is a weekly PT session with Mark – this has improved my running (and cycling) no end.  Since the PT sessions have kicked in, I’m consistently hitting sub 7 minute miles for my runs (before the PT sessions 7.40 was a good mile pace for me). Looking forward to seeing what it has done to my tri times at Slateman this weekend. Thank you Mark.”

So why not book in for a chat and see what we can offer you…the best investment you can make is with yourself.


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