Online Coaching & Personal Training

Studio 2 – fully equipped

MSF Fitness has 2 training studios – 3 if you include the ‘drop-zone’!

Studio 1 houses the Wattbike studio where instructed bike classes, coaching, workshops, drop-ins and Sufferfest big screen videos take place.  This space (along with Studio 2) can also be hired for private functions and corporate training sessions.

Studio 2 is where Personal Training sessions, Circuits and TRX classes take place. And it’s also where the Wattbike ‘drop-zone’ is – which enables clients to complete their training whilst a bike class is taking place in Studio 1.

Personal Training

Mark has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Through his Personal Training, he can help you to achieve your goals no matter what they might be…

With our help, guidance and training methods, you WILL achieve your goals. But only if you stay focused, commited and determined to achieve them. Consistency with your training will get you the results you seek and that’s where we will support you. Being accountable to someone is sometimes all it takes to keep you motivated to keep going!
We can offer you training at the fitness studio in a fully equipped private studio or we can use the great outdoors if you prefer. Wherever the location and whatever your choice of training, you are guaranteed a great workout session best suited to your goals.
(PT is available as a discounted block or as PAYG for individual sessions – with no additional membership fees to pay on top.)

Personal Training in Studio 2

Online Training and Support

Online Support is one of our most popular packages. It offers anything from basic support, one-off training plans or nutritional guidance through to full online coaching where every training session you complete is planned specifically for you.
Various packages are available including:
  • Full 4 week coaching block (every training session you complete is planned by us) 
  • 4 week / 8 session coaching blocks (Wattbike specific – based on 2 sessions per week)
  • Individual one-off session plans specific to you (Wattbike specific – Power/Heart Rate Zones are required)
  • Monthly Training Consultation (a monthly meeting to discuss your training, what you have done and how to progress it, leaving you to complete your own training sessions/exercise classes etc.)

If clients are using a Wattbike for their training, they can choose to complete their sessions at the studio or at home if they have their own Wattbike. Data can be shared via the Wattbike App and session plans are provided via Dropbox.

Packages can also be built around a total bespoke fitness plan – for example, for someone who would like planned sessions to follow for Wattbike drop-ins at the studio, along with session plans for their runs outside plus access to studio exercise classes.

Online Wattbike Coaching – not just for cyclists!


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