What’s it all about…?




MSF Fitness is proud to welcome clients from all kinds of fitness backgrounds – be it a complete beginner looking to start out on the fitness trail or a serious athlete with big goals and dreams in mind.

Dreams.  Now there’s a thing.

Some people may only look into MSF Fitness from the outside – via social media like this blog, Facebook and Twitter.  But do they get to see the whole picture? Do they see what MSF Fitness is really all about? It’s easy to think it is all about the Wattbike. Riding to power zones to get fitter and faster on the bike outside.  And it’s easy to assume that everyone who comes to the studio is a cyclist.  And a competitive one at that.

But that is not what MSF is about.  Not exclusively anyway!

MSF has two studios – a Wattbike studio and a Personal…

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