‘Wattbike…The Musical!’…from West End to Wattbike.

This is a guest blog by one of our lovely clients, Erica. She explains very openly, where she has come from with her training on the Wattbike and where she is at now…

If I recall the last time my posterior sat on a saddle it was when I was calling for my friends on my little pink Miss Peugeot! Little basket, little bell!! But this year a new journey and new relationship began on a Wattbike at MSF!

I am a born and bred Shropshire lass, but for the past twenty years I have lived in London. My whole life being dedicated to my career. I’m a professional actress and for fifteen of those years I’ve worked in west end musical theatre,  Billy Elliot, Oliver, Les Mis, Mamma Mia etc. A world away from cycling? Well actually not really, focus, stamina, commitment, discipline, so in some ways very similar. The same focus of an athlete, is indeed the same focus required for longevity of a professional actor/actress.

Erica in action in Mama Mia!


I moved back to Shropshire a few years ago to be close to my family, and indeed to have a family of my own. Taking a ‘sabbatical’ out of the business just for a short while.

Obviously within my career I have danced from a very early age, and indeed doing eight shows a week has kept me in fairly good nick! I’m hypermobile which means I have to be careful with hips and knees. But because of dance training this means I’m über flexible, but as I’ve hit forty, I now really have to know my limits with this, as well as maintaining it, I’m lost without it, as I’ve done it my whole life!

The only other form of exercise, which I have always loved is yoga, of any kind, and have always kept it up. But never-never contemplated any other form of training, mainly because I’ve never really needed to…. until this year!

After the birth of my little boy, now three, like many women, found things had changed! Exercising in the house like I had always done just wasn’t motivating me, and of course always something else to do. So things started to decline.

Then last year became the game changer. I suffered two consecutive miscarriages and my health mentally and physically as you can imagine really tumbled, worlds apart from my previous life.

After things had settled, I realised that if I didn’t do something that I could really go into a dark place, it was time for change. For the first time I wasn’t just thinking about keeping physically trim, losing weight etc, I was wanting to change my mental attitude. I looked around for ages trying to fathom out what was going to fit the bill. Gyms were just not for me, and after failing miserably at the Bodycoach programme, mainly because of too much pressure on my body, I was lost!

After thorough google searches, I found something! Cycling? Wattbikes? What the heck was that?! I came across a local business literally on my doorstep, walking distance. Cycling me?!! Cycling you?!! This was different, completely different, surely channelling Bradley Wiggins was going to pick me up!! I investigated!

Amongst all the ‘professionals’ as I call them, there was little old me…

I never thought for one minute I would even stay on the saddle! But was met with the most laid back, relaxed professional approach I’ve come across. Mark & Louise, the most down to earth adorable business owners. Amongst all the ‘professionals’ as I call them, there was little old me, and Mark and Louise treated me exactly the same. Encouraging, inspiring , but also enabling me to find my own rhythm so to speak (tap dance rhythms for both of them as payback though!!).

I have no experience of anything other than a Wattbike, but it seems to do everything I want it to! I commit to drop-ins and after stabilising myself with the bike, I am now feeling like I am going up a gear in more ways than one. Variations of HIIT & endurance Sufferfest Cycling videos are now starting my upgrade, after being a regular for two months, which feels like a lot longer as I feel so comfortable. I totally agree with the ‘getting it done’ moto.  And that’s exactly how it feels.

I cannot begin to explain how it’s helping me mentally. With everything that has gone on, it focuses me, it gives me drive and I am able to cycle away negativity, like a detox. And I really feel it, it pushes me forward, and I am quite frankly addicted. Now clothes are looser it’s also helping my confidence, that wasn’t the main reason of course, but it goes to show if your mind is stimulated in the right direction the body will follow. I don’t suffer any body pain, and my hypermobilty isn’t at all irritated by the training, in fact I think it’s helping. With many other HIIT I find I always hobble off with hip pain. But this feels incredibly healing in a sense.

I am so thrilled that I found a friend in a bike and so thrilled that Mark and Lou have given me the absolute lift I needed. I love seeing other clients going about their business all on their journeys, and in awe of their stamina and super fast spinning! Wow!

It focuses me, it gives me drive and I am able to cycle away negativity, like a detox.

I will be giving you all a wave on my sweaty bike in the future. And who knows I may actually purchase a new Miss Peugeot! But for now, me and ‘Wattbike the Musical’ continues!

Happy cycling 😘😘🚴🏻‍♀️!v


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