Fitness & Wattbike Coaching…

The MSF Fitness studio is a constantly changing landscape with many different clients passing through, all with different goals in terms of their physical fitness.

One of our clients is Keith who has been with us for several years now.  A member of Black Country Triathletes, Keith has competed in events far and wide.  Keith’s training at MSF Fitness began by making use of a Wattbike through our drop-in service. He would book in and complete his own session. This worked really well for him initially and offered great flexibility as it enabled him to train at a time that suited him. He then got to the stage where he was looking for more structure to his training, to ensure his sessions had ‘purpose’ and were progressive, built around his goals.


We were able to offer Keith one of several monthly coaching packages. His coaching plan is based on completing 2 Wattbike sessions per week. He has been on this package since 2016 and is very consistent with his training, always making his sessions. His plan is progressive and is built week on week, depending on his performance in the previous sessions and what races and events he has coming up. His sessions are very specific and personal to him, including working to heart rate as well as an exact watt/power. As well as his coached sessions, Keith attends a weekly TRX class to work on strength & conditioning which supports his bike and running training.  He also continues to run and swim with his club every week.

To list just a few of the events Keith has excelled in:

2015 Geneva European Sprint Distance Championships – Bronze Over 60

2016 Lisbon European Sprint Championships – 4th Over 60

2016 British Sprint Championships – Bronze Over 60

2016 Stafford 70.3 Ironman – 1st Over 60

Keith’s most recent event was taking 3rd in his age category (60-64yrs) at the British Sprint Distance Triathlon Championships in June 2017.  Completing a 750m open water swim, 20km bike and 5km run, he was just 14secs off 2nd place in a time of 1h 14.19s.

Keith at the British Triathlon Sprint Distamce Champs in Strathclyde
Keith taking Bronze in Strathclyde

Keith then went on to compete at the Staunton Harold Triathlon on 11th June. This new event saw Keith completing a 600m swim, 16.9 mile bike and a 4.8 mile run.  He came 11th overall and 1st in the Over 60 category. He was 5th on the bike leg.

To date, Keith has qualified for everything he has wanted to, including the Worlds (Sprint & Olympic). If only he didn’t have to work, then he could actually go and compete in them all! Great work Keith, well done! Consistency works.