More than just a weekly PT session:

As we head into Spring 2018, the MSF Fitness studio does go through a slight change and Mark our personal trainer has to adapt to these changes.


Spring 2018 will see clients review their commitments and manage their training around these. This is never easy and it takes time to get the balance right, but it can be done.

Each Saturday we have body blitz which is small group personalised training. Clients train within a group but follow their own structured and progressive training plan while being supported by us.

As we head into Spring, we understand the weekends will bring new commitments and priorities, the better weather will offer days out, holidays and many other options which clients need to enjoy as come Autumn, it will all change again.

Some of our clients are runners, cyclists and triathletes so they will be making the most of any nice weather, putting their winter training to good use.


To help maintain consistency we have added additional evening and daytime group PT sessions. We have also extended the Saturday Body Blitz times so that an earlier start is available.

Outside of group PT, clients can access the studio through our drop-in service so they can follow their present plan and continue to develop and improve.

A training plan can only deliver so much before it will need updating. To provide these updates, one-off PT sessions can be booked or blocks of 4 group PT sessions can be booked to help monitor, adapt and alter any training plans as necessary.

We know to improve fitness, consistency is required. Weekly training needs to be competed and a balance created to achieve this around leading busy lives. This is why MSF Fitness was designed around providing a facility which offers the ultimate in flexibility.

  1. PAYG offers one off sessions from personal training, fitness testing to group classes and can be booked last minute if necessary and online via our website.
  2. Loyalty cards provide discounted sessions while still maintaining a flexible approach – cards are valid for 6 months.
  3. Membership from 8 classes/drop-in sessions to unlimited access all area packages.

Personal Training is often seen as a weekly 60 minute training session with a PT but it’s so much more than that. Our clients may not be able to commit to booking a block of group PT but their training plans are there ready to be followed during a drop in session. Their training plans can be taken away and used if they have access to other gyms.

This is where Mark our personal trainer will support clients with online coaching, delivering one off sessions and generally doing what it takes to support some of our clients through the Spring and Summer.

For those that stay with us, it’s business as usual. Structured training from group classes such as indoor bike using the Wattbikes, circuit training, TRX specific classes, personal training and fitness testing which all run alongside our online and in-house coaching.

Flexibility. Structure. Progressive Training. Results. MSF Fitness.









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