More Than An End Goal – Week 8 Time Out.

My week didn’t start well! On Monday it took me 2.5hrs to get to Darley Abbey. I was there 45mins before heading back to work 🤨.

Before the evening sessions started, I managed to fit in a 45min gym session – better than doing nothing! I completed 4 sets of lat pull down & incline chest press and 5 single sets of dead lift (using hex bar). So some good compound exercises to start the week. Tuesday I completed some Zone 2/3 work on the Wattbike as well as some core work but left the strength work and took it as a rest day.

On Wednesday, I got a good 90min strength session completed plus a short set of Wattbike intervals. I also got a present off a client…some mini Freddo buttons! The slump in Freddo sales must be quite noticeable since I started my challenge lol! I decided to enjoy this treat and shared them with Mark. Well, technically. I left him 4 buttons. I’m a twin – I don’t share well! 😂






Thursday was a run in the wind and rain. It didn’t go well. It was 1pm and the rain was falling nicely! And I was totally freezing! I just couldn’t warm up. So I turned back. A little loop of Jackfield and around 2.5miles. But it was fresh air and better than not going. Plus I got to wash my face at the same time! Friday I got another good strength session completed (back and legs) and Wattbike intervals.

Saturday I completed strength work whilst working. This included dead lifts with the hex bar. I then went for my second run of the week. Again, not a good run. I unfortunately felt my knees for the first time in a while. This has highlighted that I need to manage when I run and when I train legs. I now know that doing legs on the same day as a run is a no no. So I’ll plan my strength training with my running a little better! Sunday was a Wattbike Zone 3 steady ride. Using a cycling app, I rode through the Chilterns for just over 15miles and maintained an average of Zone 3 power with Zone 2 heart rate for 56mins. Structured but unstructured, just how I like to end my training week.

I was out Saturday evening with friends so I had to plan ahead. I’d been looking forward to this as it’s been a long week where I haven’t got any of my study done and have felt a little bogged down. Some much needed time out. I knew I wasn’t going to be eating my evening meal until around 8pm. It was in Stratford Upon Avon, so an hours drive away. Working backwards, I knew I’d need something to eat before I set off, so I thought a shake or light meal around 4pm. I knew I’d be running at some point so I’d have lunch afterwards. Breakfast was at 6.15am and my mid-morning snack would fit in before my run. So I’d roughly planned my meals. What actually happened was this:

Breakfast – shake 6.15am

Snack pot throughout morning – rice, mackerel & greens 8.30-9-30am

Run – 11am

Shake – 12.30

Home made banana cake – 3.30pm (made with Huel, flour, eggs, butter, 2 bananas and 25g of 100% dark chocolate)

Evening Meal – 8.30pm

My meal was at the Turqoise Kitchen – a lovely Turkish restaurant. I had chicken shish with rice and chickpeas plus a side of salad and chips (actually the chips were on my friends meal but she didn’t want them – I obviously did!). I had tracked my food intake for the day, had checked the menu and knew roughly what I’d be having (I’ve been there before). A good night out and a very enjoyable meal, where I didn’t feel I’d restricted myself.


Sunday was mainly spent at work but we did pop out for a coffee and catch up. Which included a nice piece of carrot cake – a treat as I hadn’t had anything all week (other than those few chocolate buttons and my homemade banana cake). My meal prep for the next few days was pushed into evening. I’ve made some simple lunch/snack pots with mackerel, sardines, greens, chickpeas and brown basmati rice. All work out at around 500cals a pot and a macro breakdown of 40/30/30.

My weight is steady at 50kg but I’m finding I’m hungry early morning – as in 9/9.30am – after my breakfast (around 350cals & 45g protein) at approx. 6.15am or 7.30am. So I’m going to introduce a larger snack/meal mid morning this week to see what happens. My lunch will follow later (both around 500cals) then I’ll have my early evening meal (shake – approx. 350cals) before classes and a small snack (e.g. hard boiled egg or yogurt pot) if hungry mid-evening before my main meal at around 10.15pm. I’ll see how it goes!









I’m still tracking my nutrition and my macros are still on point this week at 40/30/30 – even with the buttons, night out and cake. Mainly because my main meals and snacks are pretty well balanced. Which is easier to achieve if you plan ahead and track it before you’ve eaten it. Then you can adjust if necessary. Calories are averaging around 2500 a day (an increase of around 150cals a day over the week).








So I’ll keep on tracking and training and see what happens this week…into week 9 I go!

Thanks for reading! 🙂



2 thoughts on “More Than An End Goal – Week 8 Time Out.

  1. Busy week for Lou but still forward planning & fitting everything in. Well done Lou I learn something every time I read your blogs & love that some of your foods are not what you think they will be but your planning makes them fit & become possible within your criteria. Love it Lou & hope week 9 is a bit easier for you.


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