More Than An End Goal – Week 9 Keep on keeping on.


Another week done – time fly’s when you’re having fun! I was asked this week again, what I am training for? Nothing! My goal is to maintain what I’m putting into practice over this 12 weeks – to keep on keeping on. Which is: consistent and regular training, enjoying my training, building some strength and maintaining my weight. I want to be able to maintain my strength and body shape – which has changed since June 2018!


Lots of people need an end goal – an event to train for (and often a big one at that!). But lots of people like me, don’t! As long as you enjoy what you do, that’s all that matters. One of my key aims is to continue to enjoy my training.

Much of my training is done alone and whilst ‘at work’ or having a quick break from work. So it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated – maybe not for others in a similar situation but for me it is. I used to be a club runner and a gym bod just like many of you reading this so training solo all the time is sometimes a battle!

To help with this, I enter the odd running event and I mix up my gym training e.g. I don’t always just Wattbike & run – I’ll jump on the rower or use the punch bag for some HIIT instead. I’m enjoying my strength work and seeing the changes it is making to my body shape so I remain motivated by that. I’m also a member of several social media groups and although I never meet any of the guys face to face, it’s does provide motivation and accountability. So this ‘training group’ is something I will develop over the next few weeks at MSF…watch this space.

But 9 weeks in and I have managed to aggravate my left knee somehow so I have taken a few rest days to allow it to calm down. I ‘tested’ it Saturday on a short flat run from home – a few twinges but not too bad so hopefully the rest has helped. I’ll try an adjusted strength session on Sunday evening, where I use lighter weights than I have been and see how it feels. Two steps forward, one step back but never quitting!

I am getting quite a lot of interest in what I am actually eating – it’s not iceberg lettuce and carrots ha ha! I have a wide range of foods including foods that many categorise as ‘bad’. As I am tracking my foods, I am able to give you some example days from my diary with approximate calories. Yes I could have a bigger breakfast and lose the mid morning snack; yes I could have a bigger lunch and lose the mid afternoon snack…but this fit’s in with my working and training day and also with how I feel. It works for me. Nutrition is a personal thing and it has to suit you, no one else. Otherwise you won’t maintain it.

The first food diary (below) is from a typical working day, mid-week:

Breakfast: 7.30am after class – 4 x Egg Muffins (recipe below) 400cals

Snack: 10am – Shake 250cals (quick and easy, no prep required!)

Lunch: 1pm – Butter bean bowl (recipe below) with mackerel and salad 500cals

Snack: 4pm – 2 x Ryvita with 1 mashed banana 200cals

Early Evening Snack: 7pm – Shake 250cals (quick and easy during work, no prep required!)

Evening Meal: 10pm – Slow cooker chicken curry with chickpeas, butter chicken sauce, green beans, peas, Tzatziki 800cals

Approx. 2400 calories



This week I decided to switch around my usual breakfast shake and have egg muffins for breakfast some days instead – having my shake mid-morning.  These are really quick and easy to make and come in at around 350-400cals for 4 depending on what you put in them. To make 8 muffins, I used 8 eggs – beaten, some frozen chopped peppers & red onion (how lazy!) and broccoli. Other veg plus something like tuna or quorn can be added (which would bump up the calories etc). Put the veg and whatever else you are adding, into the muffin tins, pour in the beaten egg and bake in the oven for 20-30mins. They’ll keep in an airtight container for 2 days – prepare once, eat twice.

The butter bean bowl is easy to take out and about if required and comes in at around 500cals. I used 1 tin of mackerel in brine, 1 tin butter beans, some peas, chopped peppers and Tzatziki. You could use any fish or even chicken or soya/tofu etc. I added green leaves to serve. Again, you could make several pots in advance – although they only take seconds to prepare!

This second food diary (below) is from a Sunday. Not a typical Sunday, just this particular Sunday. If I ate like this on a regular basis, I would not maintain my results!

Breakfast: Pancakes (using protein shake mix) with Sweet Freedom Choc Shot 420cals

Lunch: Sweet potato jacket, tuna & side salad; 1 slice carrot cake 750cals

Evening Meal: Vegetarian sausages, mashed potato, green beans, poached egg, slice of gouda cheese 910cals

Snack: Dairy Milk Whole Nut 80g 440cals

Approx. 2450cals


All of these meals can be input into a tracking app and adjusted to reach the right calories/quantity, macros etc to suit your goals and needs. I often plan ahead and input my food choices as it’s a great way of checking nutrient values, calories and macros. It’s just too easy not to! But it needs to work for you.

So it’s on into Week 10. Keep on keeping on!

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “More Than An End Goal – Week 9 Keep on keeping on.

  1. Love the breakfast muffins idea, may even have a go Lou !! Thank you for taking the time to share what your doing & your body is certainly changed from June to now. Looking fit, lean & strong. Well done Lou xxxxx


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