Week #2 & #3

So here goes, it’s Week #2.


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Just 1% 

I often hear how it will be OK next week. Next week I am not so busy, next week I will have more time etc etc etc. Well if you think that will be the case, that’s OK, pull up a chair because waiting for that perfect week may take a while to come around.

Last week I said that it wasn’t the ideal week to start a new challenge, well guess what, week #2 wouldn’t be a good starting point either.

Week #2 overview

Monday – Friday standard week (whatever that is!)

Saturday & Sunday I’m away with work and having to stay over night.

Sunday evening 14th July

Prepared both breakfast, lunch and tea for Monday 16th, all that is needed will be to cook some vegetables and rice Monday evening at which point I will prepare Tuesdays breakfast and portion up my lunch for Tuesday as it’s the same as Monday nights tea so all very easy.

Get chicken out of freezer ready to prepare for Tuesdays tea and Wednesdays lunch.

Week 1 has made week 2 a little easier, I’m repeating my week 1, I have logged the meals once and saved them so tracking them is now very quick.

So basically by Sunday evening I have a clear plan which will take me to Tuesday evening. That’s my nutrition sorted, nothing complicated, I learned from last week so food preparation was quicker and no real time needed.

Now you may be thinking I’m not mentioning my meals. Well at this point what I eat is irrelevant, it’s the methods I want you to see, the planning, the struggles etc. But in time I will provide a very clear picture.


Mondays Wattbike session was 40 minutes holding zone 2 power (250w) and zone 2 heart rate, session complete, box ticked and time to move on.


5:45am gather all meals I need to take to work and do any food preparation for my tea and Wednesdays lunch.

22:00 10 minutes spent doing final meal preparation and tea is done, within this time so is my breakfast and Wednesday lunch. Oh, and eating Tuesdays tea!

Meat removed from freezer ready to prepare for Wednesdays tea and Thursday lunch

Tuesday Training: this is going to hurt, 13:30 – 14 minute threshold run effort, 90% of the time I can cover the same distance within that 30 second window.

My warm up felt like treacle as I smiled to myself knowing this was not going to be easy.

Well 14:44 later I finished the effort and completed the cool down (what a load of crap that was or was it?)

Mentally confidence gets knocked, 60 seconds slower than last week WTF.

Physically it’s good because due to fatigue my body is under more stress so has to learn to cope with increased effort to achieve the same and over time this will help increase my tolerance making me faster (well that’s the plan) if I don’t allow for adequate recovery this goes out of the window and I will get slower, more frustrated and increase risk of possible injury.

Yes I’m disappointed but that’s good, it’s this disappointment that drives me forwards.

I know let’s blame my new methods.

Lets step back, I am fatigued from the weekend.

Lifestyle choices: being up at 4am to help at the local time trial = lost sleep.

Race = My weekly volume didn’t increase as my weekly mileage was the same as previous weeks but the load/intensity did increase.

Review done and its easy I need to recover, just take a few easy sessions and all will be OK.

Not a chance. with being away for 2 days Saturday and Sunday I can’t recover then take 2 days off completely that just wont work.

I will use Sat/Sun as full recovery but there are a few issues like a 4am start so not training but long hours = not ideal.

Wednesday – Thursday – Friday continue to battle with training sensibly and adapt if I need to (this will be fun).


Just keeping routine, gather food for work, prepare food for the evening and Thursday lunch (hopefully you see the routine, repeat-ability and adaptions within the last week and a half).


The same routine with food and meal prep but time to challenge a run. Same route as I have done many times but this time looking into hydration.

But there was a problem within mile 1 my quads had taken over, i could feel a trigger point killing my right quad, so its time to manage this situation, i ease to a pace manageable, i pick areas to increase but as it builds i ease up. I know my body well enough that sooner or later my hamstrings and glutes will turn up to the party.

45 minutes later boooom back in business glutes, hamstrings and quads say HELLLOOOOO pace picks up time to work.just under 8 miles and just over 2000ft of ascent.

Run complete 1hr 22 min and 800ml of water consumed, how does this compare, it’s equal to the runs allowing for some slow sections through overgrown paths and quads doing to much work.

Quad is slightly sore post run so trigger point work completed and good to go.

Oh XXXX Friday has just thrown a curve ball, a full 16 hour working day but I still have session to complete.

Option 1: don’t do the session

Option 2: there is a 60 minute window at 6pm to train but this is high risk, 6pm is a busy time within the studio

Option 3: stay late and complete session (not a good option as I have a 4am start Saturday)

Option 4: Train before work (need to be on bike by 05:15 to get session completed, showered and ready for work).

QUESTION: What would you do?

Good choice so yes it’s a 4:15am alarm, at studio by 5 on bike by 05:15 doing intervals @580w

So by Friday evening I have completed my plan with both diet and training, a few adaptions but I’ll take that.

Saturday:  I decided to have the breakfast served on the train, it was OK, lunch I prepared which was chicken and rice with veg, it’s a nice dish that can be eaten cold. My evening meal way a Turkish mixed grill.

Due to not training I needed to reduce my calories to 2500 and focus on protein which I did and achieved, I much prefer my 3500 calories days!!!

Oh I know, it’s a weekend away, it doesn’t count, don’t bother, have what you want, you can’t track it…

Utter BS! My goal of 1% is more important than a 2 day course/break. my class room mates may be eating their way through the cake shelf from Starbucks, ill have my apple, teachers pet (Mark you have a great method within your tool assisted massage)

This one comment made my course worthwhile,

Sunday: AM Hotel breakfast which again focused around my protein requirements as I am not training and my aim is 2500 calories, I went for eggs on toast with a few tomatoes, baked beans etc.

Of course there was other options, croissants, full English, cakes, juices but my 1% means more to me.

On route to my course I picked up a protein yogurt for mid morning snack. (protein is still my focus) but wait till Monday when 50% of my diet is carbs due too necessary requirements due to training.

Afternoon I got a meal which was a chicken burger with sweet potato fries. Not a bad meal and easy to adapt, could of easily left half of the bun or asked for my meal to come without the bun but i have a good few hours a 3 miles to walk so i had the bun.

Before my train i needed a little snack so Sainburys this time for my second protein based yogurt

Tea was a chicken wrap, I did go over on my target calories but I kept my focus on my protein, I went over as I was lacking concentration so just increased by 400 calories.

Yes protein was my main focus but a still balanced with carbs and fats. my goal was 200grms of protein, the carbs and fats would look after themselves as long as i manged calories overall.

The only reason for focusing on protein is i don’t require the amount of carbs i would normally have due to not training. Its these little changes i help clients make because so many do the same old if they train or not.


Week #2 Review

Week #1 was not a good week to start a new plan

Week #2 was not a good week to start a new plan

Guess what? there will never be a good time, a perfect time and oh I’ll start Monday just doesn’t work.

If your serious about change you will start today

If your serious about change you will make the best possible choices

Training completed? YES

Diet Followed? YES

Weight stayed the same

Body fat stayed the same

Week #3

Monday – Friday I will follow the same meal plan as I have for week #1 & #2 (consistency is key)

Due to training requirements either Saturday or Sunday I need to wait till I know my plans before planning nutrition.

My Tuesday run and Thursday run will be repeated but this time Thursday has another test, hydration again being the main focus with a slight  change.

My Wattbike sessions will progress into a moderate week.

Overall a good 2 weeks.

Week #3 Just 1%




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