Week #3



Week #3 is easy to review and show how building routine and habits brings a much easier way of life.

3 weeks ago I shook my diet on it’s head, was it a good time to do this? No but to be honest, Week #2 or #3 was not ideal either. I want to change so I started there and then.

Week #1 was a little messy due to learning and making changes to my diet.

Week #2 I learned from week #1 and this made Week 2 much easier.

Here is the WHY:

  • Tesco online shop done Saturday evening and will be delivered between 22:00 & 23:00 Monday. Due to Week #1 I only needed to order the same products with a few changes and having it delivered guarantees the items I need to stay on track.
  • Week #1 I used MFP (my fitness pal) to log my food and then saved them as meals so Week #2 was easy to track and monitor my macros (carbs/protein/fat).
  • I had cooked my meals once and learned how to make the process quicker.

By the end of Week #2 I feel like I have built new habits and I am happy with my diet.

Week #3

My nutrition is easy and I keep the same process, repeat my previous 2 weeks and methods.

My lunch is the same as the previous evening, the only time this would change is if i wasn’t going to have access to a microwave so I would then prepare a meal such as chicken pesto pasta or chicken & rice which I can have cold.

Saturday Evening:

  • Get meat out of freezer (Sunday tea and Monday lunch)


  • Prepare Sunday tea and Monday lunch
  • During final Sunday meal prep before having tea, make/prepare Monday breakfast
  • Gather all food to take to work
  • Have tea and portion out Monday lunch
  • Remove from freezer meat for Monday tea and Tuesday lunch

Monday AM

  • Gather all food to take to work
  • Prepare Monday evening tea and Tuesday lunch

This process is now repeated every day (routine = habits)

All the above can be adapted, I can change a home cooked meal to a meal out or take away etc. If I need to adapt my focus is always staying within my calories and macros for the day.

Gaining results is often the easier part, sustaining them is very hard so any methods used that provide results need to work daily and long term otherwise when we return to our old habits we lose what we gained.

This only took 3 weeks and I am ready to take on week #4

Week #3 training review

Monday Wattbike completed and all numbers hit, 15 minutes at 360w is always a nice start to the week, this was 3 x 5 minutes with 30 minutes within zone 2 included.

Happy to complete but aim is 380w and 400w over the 15 minutes so work to be done.

Tuesdays run and I return to complete my threshold effort – this time I was 30 seconds quicker than last week but still 15″ over my target. >1%

Disappointed but happy.

Wednesdays Wattbike session and this time 40 minutes @265w so a nice zone 2.

Thursdays run was a repeat of previous weeks 7.8 miles and just over 2000ft of ascent, once again focus was on hydration with a slight change to previous week.

The run was completed at 13:00 and within the hottest part of the day (approx 10 degrees hotter than previous week), I completed the run 40 seconds quicker than previous week. >1%

Happy with run but I still need to find 3 minutes to get closer to where I need to be.

Friday and it’s a weekend of experimenting.

Friday evening = hard Wattbike session @540w intervals = wasn’t happy with this session but that’s life just suck it up. If you can’t take the rough don’t expect the smooth.

Saturday 06:20 = 45 minute trail run in the rain (just how I like it) 2 minutes off pace overall but that’s OK – I know why.

Sunday = 2 hour fell run.

All the above is measured.

Every session has a purpose, it’s comparable, it’s repeatable. This doesn’t work for everyone but that is ok, this is my training and my diet my journey.

My diet is structured, measurable, adjustable, flexible, not restricted and I really enjoy the foods I have from apple-pie overnight oats to Thai green curry and chicken pesto pasta.

My Sunday Fell run finished off with blueberry overnight oats and a big mug of coffee while looking over the Shropshire hills 🙂

Remember this is all about 1% this could be an improvement within 1 session, lower body fat, 1 rep within 1 session, the improvement is small but because I measure my sessions I can see these changes but all this brings frustrations. It’s part of the process.

Final Review

  • My week day runs both showed improvement over previous week >1%
  • My Wattbike sessions have been  consistent with previous week or slightly adapted (frustrated but I am OK with it)
  • My Saturday run was OK
  • My Sunday run was OK
  • My weight is the same
  • My body fat is the same
  • I kept to my diet and enjoyed it
  • I juggled my daily nutrition to work within my day, having snacks between clients and splitting my lunch into 2 x smaller meals so I could spread my calories through the day and get the most from how I balance the timings between training.

It’s been a busy week but that’s OK. Next week will be much easier. Like xxxx it will!!! None of this is easy, we are all facing similar battles of work life balance but we must make ourselves accountable. We can’t moan if we plan a shopping trip for the weekend and then not get to train because you planned the shopping trip, or to go to the movies etc.

Yes there are things out of our control but there are many things that we CAN control.

The key take home point for me:

This is all about changing my diet and looking to improve by 1%, already I have improved a few areas >1% improvement from a previous week for instance. Goals don’t have to be big or have an end. For me seeing weekly changes helps provide the much needed motivation to do what is required each week.

It’s also important that we understand that we won’t improve every week, I have to accept the odd slow run or reduce power within a Wattbike session but that’s life.

If I improved my run time every run then where would that end? We need to accept we will spend weeks and months doing the same, running the same, lifting the same etc. What we can do is manipulate, adapt, challenge the same session but in so many ways.


My diet is helping to sustain my weight but it’s important to note if I lower my weekly training I would need to lower my daily calories otherwise I could gain weight.

If I wanted to lose weight I either need to move more (burn more calories) or reduce my calories per day/week but reducing calories could lower my energy which can then  reduce my training performance.




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