Week #4


I love this SxxT. Week #4 and I no longer need to keep a food diary, I know, how cool is that?!

And here is the WHY:

I know what meals I am having and when, I know the quantities per meal so as long as I stay on the plan I don’t need to keep a food diary.

When will I keep a food diary??????

I will only keep a food diary if I go off piste, if I change for any reason, maybe I have a meal out or swap a meal around, this recording once again will help me 1: stay within my calories 2: stay within my macros 3: learn about going off piste and what works or what doesn’t.

OK OK yes I will still record but not because I have to or need to but because I like keeping a food diary. Maybe it’s motivation to stay on track or I just like seeing my food diary work alongside my work schedule or training because it’s often easy to go off track when we don’t see what we do. Missed meals, handful of nuts that weren’t on the plan etc.

Maybe I just need to get a life, but I like my life the way it is so I will stick to it lol!

While I write this blog I have

  • 4 x chicken breasts cooking in the slow cooker
  • 125grms of risotto rice on the hob (Sunday nights tea)
  • 100grms of risotto on the hob (Monday lunch)
  • 125grms of basmati rice (Monday tea)

I will cook my veg Sunday evening and I will do extra for Monday lunch just leaving vegetables to cook Monday evening.

Tesco online shop done in under 5 minutes, just like not needing to keep a food diary I don’t need to order additional items so very easy to do the shop for the week.

Well that’s the start of week #5 sorted but what about week #4?

  • weight is the same
  • body fat is the same

This is good and shows the balance between energy in and out is equal.

I was asked these 2 questions this week:

Q1 “Hows your new diet going?”

A1 “very well I am sticking to the plan”

Q2: “Seen any difference”

A2: “No but that’s OK I am only 4 weeks into the plan and it will take much longer to see any changes”

Ditch the diet it ain’t working…

Lets look at this closer, my previous diet was not bad, actually it was very good so results/changes will be slow and small, but even if I had bigger goals, 4 weeks is still a small period of time and that is why my nutritional coaching package I help clients with is 12 weeks and kept separate to any other plan. It deserves 100% attention.

If you’re after quick results we can achieve them but we don’t get to keep them.

Week #4 Review

  • I kept to my meal plan
  • I completed all my planned training
  • I adapted when necessary
  • I didn’t feel restricted and I enjoyed my meals

Monday: Wattbike 40 minutes @240w holding zone 2 power & zone 1 heart rate


Tuesday: Oh here we go again my 13.5/14 minute threshold effort. There is no point just hitting your head against the wall and doing the same old, to improve we must progress.

So I added an additional 1 mile to my run (before the threshold effort) this included adding 500ft of ascent. So basically I pre-fatigued myself making the threshold effort much harder. Thus increasing the intensity of the run.

Left picture shows clearly the extra mile and ascent, the photo on the right is previous runs on shorter route.

tue 02Tue Run 01

So what should of took 13.5/14 minutes now took 15:30 to complete the same distance with heart rate the same as previous weeks. WTF that is 90 seconds slower? Your losing your fitness, you need to do more, change that diet (trust the plan is key to any fitness when we want to improve) well for long enough it provides either a good outcome or no outcome.

This provides the information which shows I created fatigue, made the effort harder and over time through progression I will increase my tolerance within this threshold effort which will help me complete the shorter effort quicker (this may take a few weeks or months).

Again if you’re looking for a quick fix you may not like this approach.

Wednesday: Wattbike 45 minutes active recovery @200w & 600w (I did say active – no sofa surfing here).

Thursday: Back to my Thursday run from previous weeks and this week I was quicker by 90 seconds from 2 weeks ago. >1%

The aim of this run is not to try to go quicker each week because that just ain’t going to happen, this run is about developing, learning and trying to run different ways from hard up to hard off the top or to pushing the descents. This run is not easy and I am pushing with each step not just this week but every week so there is no hiding.

Thur Run

If you can’t accept the off days then we don’t get to enjoy the on days and this week was an on week. I’ll take that.

Friday: Once again I went back on my plan and repeated last weeks Wattbike session. 540w intervals. I managed 5 of the 8 before I had to adapt.

This hurts, it’s playing with my mind and body but I have to suck it up, yesterday was a hard run, fatigue has built and it showed today. My legs faded with 15 seconds to go but that’s OK, I adapted and completed the session. Much better than quitting.

Saturday: 06:30 45min trail run within 15 seconds quicker per mile than last weeks pace and overall time improved , I was quicker so >1%

Sunday: Seriously another 5am start due to marshalling duties at 10am. If I don’t run at 6am it won’t get done, it’s too much of a risk hoping I may have time later in the day.

6am I am in Church Stretton and head off, 13 miles later, 2700ft ascent I am back at the car enjoying my coffee and breakfast. Right job done now time to Marshall. due to planning I kept my breakfast, snacks and lunch very simple and easy to have on the go.

It’s more than just 1 week or 1 session, all the above has to be reviewed also looking at previous weeks, fatigue is building, if you have read week #1-2-3 you will see the only days off have come from a weekend in London due to a training course.

The only way my body will handle this training load and not neglecting my work load is through my diet. My diet is 100% the foundation to all the above.

The other factor to consider is every session is structured, not all done as hard as you can, yes I do endurance, tempo, aerobic, anaerobic but due to working with numbers it can progress, regress, adapt and most of all it’s all measurable.

  1. Consistency = repeatability.
  2. Adapt = if your plan can’t be adapted it wont work long term.
  3. Taste = Diets must be made up of the foods we like the taste of.
  4. Smell = who wants to eat food that doesn’t smell nice.
  5. Texture = oh come on, use those senses.
  6. Fulfilment = adherence. I don’t crave other foods.
  7. Calories = all about the numbers just like a training plan (it’s measurable).
  8. Macros = again it’s all about the numbers (how else will you change something based on results achieved or not).
  9. Training = Progressive, structured, adaptable, flexible, measured.
  10. Life: My training (and I mean my training, not work) is my hobby, it’s what I enjoy.

It’s All about that 1%

This week I worked through a 16 week plateau, yes for 16 weeks I have struggled with 1 exercise, it’s bugged me, beaten me and made me suffer but this week the last 16 weeks of adapting, increasing, reducing, loading , pre-fatiguing, challenging, drop setting all came good.

For 16 weeks I could just about do 5 sets of 8 reps and even then the last set of 8 could easily be 5-6 reps or a dodgy 8.

This week set 1 was comfortable (oh how I’ve missed this feeling) best not get cocky.

Set 4 and still OK, this exercise is going to pay for the last 16 weeks.

Set 5 and booooooooom 12 reps and failure on the 13th

Does this mean it will happen every time?? Not a chance the battle is still real.

Fitness is like renting something, it’s never owned and the rent is due daily.











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