More Than An End Goal – Week 8 Time Out.

My week didn't start well! On Monday it took me 2.5hrs to get to Darley Abbey. I was there 45mins before heading back to work 🤨. Before the evening sessions started, I managed to fit in a 45min gym session - better than doing nothing! I completed 4 sets of lat pull down & incline … Continue reading More Than An End Goal – Week 8 Time Out.

Duty Of Care

As a personal trainer, sports massage therapist and online coach, I have a duty of care. My clients have come to me for help to improve their health, fitness and performance but that also means I have to provide honest information and feedback, based on evidence not opinion. At times I also provide information and … Continue reading Duty Of Care


As we start a new week, my clients will message me with how their week looks. If it's any different, then sessions can be planned not just for the day but also based on the time available. Clients will be reminded to book their fitness tests and Sports Massage if they need to. Coaching provides … Continue reading Coaching